Ecksand duel bangles standing up on white table

Ecksand Icons: Our Fleet of Signature Duel Bangles

Uncovering Ecksand's signature Duel bangles

If you’re looking for an enticing showstopper—here it is:


The art of fencing behind the creation of the Ecksand Duel Bangles is what makes them contemporary yet timeless. Minimalist style comes to life with clean lines and pointed edges, where each detail is meticulously handcrafted by our team with sustainable materials in our in-house green atelier. From distinctive knife-edge motifs to delicate diamond micro pavés, these bangles serve as a reminder to be your own fiercest protector.

Individual strength

Model wearing ecksand duel bangles

Emulating a sword, the high-end recycled gold is carefully shaped into a knife-edge design by our expert jewellers here at Ecksand, wrapping around the wearer and gently overlapping at the front of the bangle where a central gold piece takes the spotlight, depicting a shield. Paved with rows of ethical diamonds, or left unadorned, both styles boast our signature fluidity and remarkable contrast between gold colours – a testament to the striking beauty of mixing metals. Each bangle's individual power lies in its ability to make a statement, all on its own.

An armful of power

Ecksand duel bangles on white table

Joining our fleet of signature Duel bangles is the diamond wrap bracelet, denoted by its impressive bright-cut setting and ethical diamonds. Still carrying the sword motif and fencing inspiration with it, two rows of ethically-sourced diamonds lie on either side of the bangle climbing halfway around the wrist and bound together by a bright-cut setting to maximize their brilliance.

With three unparalleled designs, these bracelets can be stacked together to create a bold look that keeps them at the focal point, elegantly showcasing the duality between gold and diamonds.

Find your power piece

Model wearing ecksand duel bangles

Acting as a reminder to always celebrate your personal strength, Ecksand’s Duel Collection is created to make a statement, whether you choose to wear one piece or an armful. Shop the Duel collection to find your power piece today.

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