Model wearing Ecksand diamond eternity ring

An Icon Worth Stacking: The Signature Diamond Eternity Ring

Take a sneak peek into our green atelier and join us on a voyage of dazzling diamonds to discover how our expert jewellers handcraft one of our most iconic pieces of jewelry in all its different shapes and sizes: the Ecksand Diamond Eternity Ring.

The Ecksand Difference

Ecksand signature eternity ring in white gold balanced on marble

What makes an Ecksand diamond ring so unique? It starts with the quality of our diamonds, which are all certified by the GIA or IGI – ensuring they are conflict-free and ethical. Add to that our commitment to using only recycled gold and platinum in all of our jewelry designs, and you have a one-of-a-kind ring that was made ethically from start to finish.


Ecksand diamond eternity rings on illustration of ring with text stating: ecksand atelier 2022 iconic, diamonds, platinum

This is where it all began. Like all Ecksand jewels, our imagination was at the starting point of this signature diamond ring. We initiated the design process with a simple sketch, which was then meticulously refined, going through countless stages of fine-tuning and 3D designs until we finally settled on that best-selling signature look. Elegant U-Prongs cascade down each diamond, not only to hold them in place but to also allow the light to pass through from every angle, resulting in maximum brilliance.


Ecksand diamond eternity rings stacked on top of each other

Once the design was finalized, our jewellers set to work creating a one-of-a-kind piece that will be cherished forever. One by one, brilliant ethical diamonds wrap 360 degrees around the band, or just halfway through – all gently cradled by our signature U-prong setting. From petite diamonds to statement-making oversized diamonds, each ring proudly showcases our ethically-sourced diamonds marked by a Canadian handcrafted difference.

From A-Z, each Ecksand diamond ring is a true labour of love. Our in-house craftsmanship and sustainable materials ensure that each piece meets our strict standards for quality and design. So the next time you slip an Ecksand ring on your finger, you know it will be treasured forever and enjoyed by generations to come!

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