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Ecksand Face Shields


Across the globe, we’re facing the COVID-19 pandemic together. Ecksand is taking part in the fight against the virus by protecting brave front liners with class 1 face shields that we are making and also donating. In line with what Ecksand believes in, these reusable face shields are made for long term wear and designed to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Ecksand Craftsmanship for a Cause

We’re Making a New Kind of Jewel

Our team at Ecksand knows about quality craftsmanship and innovative 3D manufacturing, so we pooled our resources to help. We’re using our printers and making the highest quality reusable class 1 face shields to donate them to organizations in need across Canada. Thanks to our amazing team and clients, we’re able to make these jewels to collectively keep transmission rates low or at a manageable level.

Those who can, do.

There’s currently a shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment) for organizations in need. Many go to work on the frontlines and lack the proper protection that is required to prevent them, and the most vulnerable, from contracting COVID-19.

We’re proud to be amongst a caring community of businesses and people that are doing anything we can to pitch in and help in the fight against COVID-19. Together we will get through this.

Ecksand Face Shield Last Step

Always loyal to our earth’s needs

At Ecksand, our motto is “better for the planet and people.” We’ve found ways to create our Ecksand face shields in line with our values. Each Ecksand face shield is reusable, durable for long term wear, and crafted in the most eco-friendly way possible. On top of that, they’re also compostable and recyclable, and are made with a compostable PLA base (from renewable sources like corn, soy, and potatoes) and food-grade PETG.

How jewellers make face shields.

Engineering the Ecksand face shield was the most time-consuming part of the design process. Luckily, we were provided a medical-grade design, which we based our own face shield model off of. Twenty prototypes later, we achieved the perfect final product. Just like our jewels, our face shields are all about the details: they are comfortable, sturdy, and safe for everyday use. Our food-grade shields are made from PETG, which has been meticulously cut-to-measure. Finally, the adjustable elastic bands are sourced from local seamstresses. Each face shield comes together in our Montreal atelier, and is then shipped to organizations in need.